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  1. We would like praying to be visiting the home of the CEIC, for we are looking forwards to see God fulfill this revelation.The Pastor Tim has become a true consolation to us in Kenya….Daniel & Christine.May God’s hand pick us.

  2. I AM FREE FROM BACK PAIN. I am so blessed. I love to pray so I started attending the Healing School to learn to pray for people! Here I was the whole time needing to be prayed for myself. Prayer Changes everything! My Thoracic Spine area was on fire, I have been in excruciating pain with knots in muscle areas in my shoulder blades. I sought Chiropractic care for YEARS on and off from the beating my back took in the military, wearing heavy packs and weapons slung over shoulders, etc. In the month of September 2014 two women at the Healing Rooms School asked, “who had back pain in their upper right area. I told her me and she said your going to get your healing tonight. These two ladies laid hands on my back and prayed for me. We came in agreement over the pain and misalignment. One of the ladies while praying said, I just felt your spine align and my back was healed immediately by Healing Rooms Prayer Warriors! I believe in the power of prayer.

  3. Pastors Daniel & Christine says:

    It is an awesome to have an experience for a family, spiritual comfort , strengthening and empowering as belong to one place of the Father in Jesus Body and the unity Ps 133 and to have the power of unity to win the souls according to John 3:16.We will urge Pastors Lamberts to pray for us and to consider coming to our home land-Kenya .The fields is so white to harvest. Unity is power and a good number to win the battle, we cannot do it a lone. Thanks for the one family.

  4. Hi, pastors Tim and Rodica,

    kindly pray us and ministry needs, we need film projector, bycycles to our eveangelist, out-reach van, for gospel, i request all your team to remeber us and our ministry in prayers.

    I specially thank your team,

    visit our website: http://www.lwm-india.org

    Your prayers and handful support helps us, if your are moved by the spirt of God, helps and pray for us

    Thank you

    with love and prayers

    Sister Ratnam, India

  5. I would like to be part your fellowshiop sister, Rodica Lambert, please do pray for ministry, i hope you will remeber us in your prayers

    with love and prayers


  6. Holly Whitmoyer says:

    I asked Pastors Tim and Rodica for prayer for a job problem after practice on Thursday. By the time I got to work on Friday the problem was solved without my intervention at all. Thanks for the prayers and thank you Lord!

  7. In 2005, Pastor Tim and Rodica and some other sisters and brothers in Christ came to our home to dedicate it and bless the land and stake off the property. We wrote Psalm 91 on all of the stakes. We knew that God was protecting the property; however this past Saturday night He proved it again when a woman was found by our neighbors under the cross unconscious. She was rescued and is alive. She had tried to take her life but was illuminated under the lite cross in our front yard. God would not let her go. He gets all of the GLORY!!!!! Sharon and Craig Clark

  8. Shannon Ford says:

    I am not a member of your church but my friends are. To start with God blessed me over 12 years ago by putting these two people in my life, and even when I fell off the path and was ugly in so many ways, they stayed my friends and loved me.

    My friend and I have been talking about the problems in my family which have been on going for 10 years. I got pregnant and then married the father thinking it was the right thing to do but he was abusive. Then I left him and went to another man who I ended up marrying after living together for a year. We have been married for 6 years and bad things have happened. I ended up cheating and he ended up beating me. We tried to move forward from that day but couldn’t. We are getting a divorce and he is moving in with his new girlfriend. Through all this there has been issues with my ex over my daughter, money problems, couldn’t get pregnant, almost lost my youngest, etc.

    Well today God spoke to me. He showed me how I needed to fix myself and how I had wronged not only Him but my husband and myself by not being the real me and following God. I also realized that many of my problems came from abandoment issues from my childhood.

    My friend had been moved to send me Oct. 24’s sermen. She did and I listened. I was amazed and shocked at how God works.

    Thank you Pastor Lambert for listening and obeying God and delivering this sermen. I can now move forward and knowing that there is a curse on me, I can remove it and move forward. Praise God most high.

  9. During the 1st service on Sunday April 18, the manifest presence of the Lord was like nothing I’ve experienced in a LOOOONG time. I was singing with the worship team and it was like the Shekinah glory settled on us. We were singing the song “Jesus is the Lord” (World Mandate or Travis Cottrell) when I was taken by surprise like I was standing at the shoreline on the beach and a big wave caught me off guard, knocked me off my feet and left me soaked! I had a hard time singing because I just started crying uncontrollably. God’s presence remained strong throughout that service.

    I believe I got a touch from God and that He gave me my joy back, because when I came out of church, I felt so happy like I didn’t have a care in the world! I had been dealing with depression off and on since my son was born in Aug. 2005. When he was only 4 weeks old all my joy and life energy drained right out of me and I had been struggling to get it back ever since. My family’s financial situation over the last year was also overwhelming me and I was filled with anxiety. But since I left church Sunday last week, the worry and frustration has been gone! I used to dread getting up every morning, but not anymore!

    For the first time I really GET IT that GOD IS IN CONTROL AND HE KNOWS MY EVERY NEED. I actually wondered whether He truly cared or if was punishing me and my husband. I know that thought process was seeded by the enemy but when you’re depressed you entertain the worst thoughts. Today however I feel like I’m about to burst with joy and gratitude at what HE has already done. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is within me! This is another truth that I never really “got” until recently when Pastor Tim taught on this in a sermon, and I’ve been saved and spirit-filled for more than 25 years (since I was 13). PRAISE GOD AND AMEN!

  10. After a long and fast-paced day today I set out with 2 $25.00 gift cards and an exact shopping list to apply them to. I used one of the cards totaling $25.00 and $3.00 of the other at one store. Then I spent $4.70 at another location. I calculated that there should be $17.30 left. At another store I gathered diapers and wipes and presented the gift card at the register. The register indicated there was only $2.30 available and I had no other cash. Thurman, a name I will never forget, stepped up and paid the remaining $11.50. God shows Himself BIG in small ways.

  11. Anne Woodson says:

    Today I went to visit a friend that I had not seen in a few months. We talked, and shared our holidays and praised the Lord. It was great to catch up. After about 2 hours together, she asked me to take a ride to see something. We ended up at an ATM at which time she told me that the Lord had instructed her to bless me. I thought in my mind “she’s gonna give me gas money”. At that time the Holy Spirit said to me “I want you to pay your (real estate)dues. I began to cry because my dues were well over 230.00 and late. This is a care that I had thought about only a few days prior, and cast it at His feet. Look at the Lord, He is AWESOME. She gave me $300 after the Holy Spirit told me to pay the dues; and, she never knew my dues weren’t paid! AND, I had not seen the amount of money she had given to me until after the Lord instructed me. I give Him all the PRAISE and GLORY for All that He IS!!! Thank you Jesus!!

  12. David Laylor says:

    On New Year’s Eve 2009 I was praying in The Spirit and found myself completely breathless; Words were flowing from my mouth for what seemed like 4 or 5 minutes and I was not taking in air. There were no pauses between any of the words to breathe in. When I did finally take a breath I felt as though I had been completely deflated, and as the time it takes for an empty tire to fully inflate so I felt in those moments. I felt as though that expulsion of all air in my lungs was the result of The Holy Spirit purging me all of the bad, negative, toxic substances from my spirit and refilling me with The Holy Spirit and I have felt a new connection with The Holy Spirit ever since. I praise God daily as I am about to put on the new shoes he has given me; New shoes symbolic of the new year, new direction and new purpose for my life.

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